You shouldn’t have been thinking that. I don’t want your money.

Donate your time, talents, and treasures to the Lord. The Good Book says He gave us everything and we should be inclined to pay it back and pay it forward. Find an opportunity to do something benevolent for someone today.

Brothers, be a role model to the young brothers and sisters coming up. Show them what a real man is like because everyone isn’t fortunate enough to have a strong male figure in their lives. Little Black, Latin, and Caribbean children are disproportionally disadvantaged when it comes to having Daddy around. Train them to know how to shave, dress presentable, groom themselves, talk with the King’s English, maintain their virginity until marriage, and be respectable.

And don’t forget about God. Those gold chains and tattoos that say Jesus mean nothing. Commit your life to Jesus and be a Godly man. Do everything he asks you to do, including giving a tithe of your gross earnings.