I’m the good one that got taken. I turned down a guaranteed life of absentminded petty sin for the good life of one wife, front pew, in-bed-by-10, eat-your-vegetables Christianity. I know many people were praying for my poor soul: they won. Thank you.

Now I’m Jesus-ified. I’m a husband and father. An artist and an understated hero. A blogger and an armchair thinker. A vegan and a Mac user. A brother old enough to remember the golden era of Hip Hop and churched up enough to train my children to be better than me.

Some people gravitate toward me and think my trajectory to noble do-gooder is worth emulating, or at least curious enough to ask me questions about. Some people just want an insider’s view of all this Jesus stuff. Come take a look. I blog for them and people like them. And you, too.

You’re invited and welcomed to read, follow, and comment on my blogs: Sanctified Brother and The 98 Pound Weakling. It’ll be an interesting read. I promise.