I Don’t Mind Waiting

by Sanctified Brother

“I don’t mind waiting,
I don’t mind waiting,
I don’t mind waiting on the Lord…”

Even the best of us—or the strongest of us—find waiting on the Lord to be a challenge that we’d rather not face. The wait itself isn’t the problem because we’ve grown accustomed to waiting for things all our lives. We’ve waited for slavery to end, we’ve waited for civil rights to be respected, we’ve waited for justice to be delivered…we’re accustomed to waiting.

It’s the fatigue from waiting that begins to wear at our seams. Seeing what we consider missed opportunities pass us by, or end up in the hands of others, wears us out. The stress that leads to grey hairs, and wrinkles, and fear. We begin to think that God has forsaken us while others enjoy the blessings we believe we need.

The song, after too many nights praying for the rent money, or the son in jail, or that job, or a breakthrough, becomes:

“I’m tired of waiting,
I’m tired of waiting,
I’m tired of waiting on the Lord…”

Then someone prays for you. Or you remember answered prayers. Or You help someone else make it through. Or you remember Jesus’ mercy on your life. The lyrics become:

“I’ll keep on waiting,
I’ll keep on waiting,
I’ll keep on waiting on the Lord…”

So you keep on waiting. And waiting. And as time goes on you begin to see how the Lord is working in your life. You hear the still, small voice that speaks deep to your heart and reassures you that everything is alright, that nothing is as bad as it seems. That weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. You begin to see things differently because you develop trust and patience all over again.

I remember walking down Flatbush Avenue, in Brooklyn, and was complaining (in my heart) about the shoes I had to wear. My foolish complaining stopped immediately when I saw a man seated on the concrete, legs stretched far apart, without shoes. Or socks. Or toes. The man had no toes on his bare feet and I was complaining about the suede shoes I was wearing.

It was best that I keep quiet, stop complaining, and get back to waiting. My time was to come soon, so I didn’t mind waiting any longer.

Your time is coming, too. Remember that God doesn’t operate in “time” the way we do. He’s an on time God, so He will be there to deliver your blessings when the time is right. Don’t worry about the wait. Just hold on, and persevere.

“I don’t mind waiting,
I dont mind waiting,
I dont mind waiting on the Lord…”