Get Your Checkup, Brother

by Sanctified Brother

I know that brothers in North America have a cultural aversion to going to the doctor*. There are many reasons why, some of which are valid (the Tuskegee Experiment comes to mind), some of which are insignificant. Either way, brothers tend to stay away from the doctor and then find out—sometimes too late—that things are not “alright.” The same thing applies to our spiritual lives. Some of us stay away from Dr. Jesus too long and then find out that everything is not “alright.”

How are you, brother? Sister? Do you have a problem with pornography? Do you have sticky fingers? Do you have a problem with attending church? Do you love and treat your wife and children with respect? Do you treat your coworkers with contempt? Are you an exemplary character in your community, blameless and above reproach? Sometimes it takes others in our circle to call us out on our character flaws. Sometimes it takes an altercation with a friend or stranger to let us know that some things in our lives need to be checked out.

Don’t delay if you find that things are not “alright.” Those bumps and aches could be indicative of serious problems below the surface that need to be evaluated and corrected. Make an appointment to see the “doctor,” who can make sure that you are “alright.” There really isn’t much to it. Need a little help? Try this:

“Dear Jesus, it looks like I’ve been slipping up. I need you to fix me so that I can be “alright.” Amen.”

That’s pretty painless, right? It didn’t even hurt. You don’t even need a lollipop.

* Proper medical attention for information and in an emergency is an intelligent step that could save your life.