Organic Handmade Soaps from UrbanFireProducts

by Sanctified Brother

All natural” is the way to go, as far as I’m concerned, and that includes what goes in and on your body. My family has been steadily reducing our dependence upon, or removing completely, products that are unnatural and harmful. Aluminum deodorant was the biggest piece of fat to trim. Soaps laden with names a chemist would stumble over were next.

I’m pleased to have found out about Urban Fire Products, an online store that carries all natural, handmade soaps. The owner doesn’t jump on the bandwagon of “urban cool” and claim to use overpriced, locally-sourced ingredients, she literally grows them herself in her own garden. That’s keeping it real.

Urban Fire Products

Take a look at Urban Fire Products and see if there’s something there for you. Spread the word to your circle of family, friends, congregation, and anyone who would benefit from a handmade, natural product. It’s important to support shops—online and offline—that understand health and provide alternatives to the commercial options.