Hurt People Hurt People

by Sanctified Brother

— Sermon Highlights —

How do we treat each other? Do we treat one another with brotherly love or do we treat each other with excoriation? We have to be aware of our output because we may be hurting people intentionally or unintentionally.

Sacrifices, in the Bible, were meant to convey a strong message. Each sacrifice had to be “bloody and ugly” because sin was bloody and ugly. You had to slit the animal’s throat, drain the blood, and arrange it on the altar to be burned in public. The sacrificial episode was a traumatic, sensory experience. The smell of hot blood, fear, and animal perspiration (and body waste), all caused by your slitting of its throat, would be enough to make you stop sinning for good. Then again, we’re humans…

There are three ways we hurt one another:
1. Physical Violence: People are hurting an they lash out. History has shown us, time and again, mass murderers, casual killers, and others who’ve taken out their hurt on others, innocent or not.

2. Verbal assault: James talks about the tongue being a small organ that can create tremendous evil. It’s filled with deadly poison. People, particularly church members, who are hurting denigrate the church and its members then expect the children to participate in the church. How insane that they expect the children to want to be a part of the church they condemn and are upset when the children don’t want no join!

3. Exclude and Ostracize: This is a passive form of hurting others. No physical trauma is inflicted, others are just kept out of the loop to their detriment. They end up looking foolish because the hurting person would not equip them with usable assets or information.

Family relationships, even in the Bible, can be the the source of much pain. Jacob and Esau were twins. Esau was the alpha male while Jacob was the mama’s boy. Jacob was jealous of Esau’s birthright. He tricked Esau into giving up the birthright. Later he tricked his father into getting a blessing.