Behave Yourself, Brother

by Sanctified Brother

You’ve got to behave yourself, brother, irrespective of how correct you may believe you are. Any other behavior is likely to get you killed, at worst, and severely compromised, at best. We live in a nation where the armed forces have a staggering amount of power and support from the general public. It’s them against you.

Brothers on the wrong side of the law must behave themselves, also. They should pay their debt to society and move on. Why should they create a bigger debt by continuing the behavior that got them there in the first place? They should man up and redeem themselves to the population they hurt before.

Consider the video below. I don’t know what caused the initial arrest, or even what discussion took place between the handcuffed man and the officers, however it ended up in a situation that I know neither of them expected. Take a look for yourselves (NSFW):

Brothers, train your children from birth in the ways of decency and decorum. Equip them with the passive graces. Do whatever necessary to ensure that your children grow up to live and be outstanding moral contributors to society. Equally, train them to manage their anger and have responsible alternatives to inflammatory outbursts. Such behavior, as you saw, is not the right way to go.

Read this: Proverbs 29:22