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Month: February, 2013

How to Hold Your Alcohol

I know a lot of brothers haven’t been weaned off the bottle yet. That’s a shame, when you consider that so many brothers can’t wait to grow up and do grown folks’ stuff like stay up late, hang out, and “make babies.” They’re still babies themselves because they can’t get off the bottle. It comforts them.

Sometimes they rely on their sippy cup (some call it a shot glass). They pour small amounts of yak in and sip to their heart’s content. They watch and listen to their favorite rappers disgustingly extol the pleasurable feelings of inebriation while celebrating and then, imitating the no-gooders who encouraged them to drink, splurge on cheap liquor and spirits to look like big men. And then the trouble starts.

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Hurt People Hurt People

— Sermon Highlights —

How do we treat each other? Do we treat one another with brotherly love or do we treat each other with excoriation? We have to be aware of our output because we may be hurting people intentionally or unintentionally. Read the rest of this entry »

The Stewardship of Relationships

The Stewardship of Relationships
February 22 and 23, 2013

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88 Hanson Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: (718) 230-0410
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You Should Pray for Your Children

I pray for my two children. It’s a discipline I developed over the years because people have prayed for me as a youngster and I see the benefits of targeted prayer. Recent events make it even more pressing to kneel down and pray for your children because you never know when a tragedy may strike. Or when your children will be exposed to something they should not see. Or a life-changing event compromises their reality. God certainly takes care of them, and I know that He is aware of their environment and influences, however He expects me to take a pro-active role in their safety and development.

My two little ones will grow up in an environment that isn’t friendly to strong, positive, focused children of color. They’ll need all the assistance available to them—both social and spiritual. They’ll need my constant training and fervent prayers to survive. Yours will, too.

I can’t help but smile and pray for my children. How about you: do you pray for your children? Make it your custom. They’ll be better prepared when you do.

Read this: Proverbs 4:1-9, Job 1:4

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Behave Yourself, Sister

It’s not just the brothers that need to behave themselves. Sisters have to be aware of their behavior and the consequences thereof, as well. They may find themselves in the hands of an aggressive enforcement officer, the same way the brothers might. Fathers, please train your children and teach them to respect the laws of the land and how to deal with authority figures. It may save their lives.

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Behave Yourself, Brother

You’ve got to behave yourself, brother, irrespective of how correct you may believe you are. Any other behavior is likely to get you killed, at worst, and severely compromised, at best. We live in a nation where the armed forces have a staggering amount of power and support from the general public. It’s them against you.

Brothers on the wrong side of the law must behave themselves, also. They should pay their debt to society and move on. Why should they create a bigger debt by continuing the behavior that got them there in the first place? They should man up and redeem themselves to the population they hurt before.

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