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Month: January, 2013

Gifts for Visitations after Church

My former pastor (a Godly man of virtue) taught me to always bring a gift when I visit someone’s house. Not so much an expensive item like a smartphone, just a thoughtful token. It’s the cordial thing to do and shows that you appreciate (and are willing to offset) the host’s hospitality. I’ve embraced that mindset and carry it with me when I do house visitations to sick-and-shut-in church members or to those I do Bible study with.

I have three or four visits scheduled for this Sabbath after church and I’m bringing fresh, baked goods as the gift. I made homemade whole wheat bread and homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, both of them vegan and tasty beyond belief. These items have always been a hit.

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Cheating the System is Expensive

I watched a brother in the train station get arrested for fare evasion. His shaky hands were behind his back, wrists adorned with handcuffs that, no doubt, kept common thieves occupied while they awaited booking. His face was downcast, worry traced his brow. He was surrounded by plain clothes officers, their disquieting appearance seemingly causing him to shrink right there, in front of them.

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Are You the One?

(Sermon Synopsis)

John the Baptist wanted to know if Jesus was the one. Many of us today have the same questions: is Jesus the one we should be looking for? Is He truly the solution that we seek?

There are two points to consider when wondering if Jesus is the one for you.

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The University of Arizona has announced that it has created a “Hip-Hop Concentration” minor under the Africana Studies department, the first of its kind for any institution, according to the school’s website.

The course’s objectives are to “provide students with a solid introduction and broad understanding of the origins and developing of the forms of expression that make up hip-hop culture throughout the world: hip-hop dance, rap music, graffiti/tagging, fashion, business, and film.

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There But for the Grace of God Go I

One of the notorious sights of big city life is the heroin lean. It’s the almost-gravity-defying struggle heroin users face when they’re too high to stand erect, yet are sensible enough to attempt composing themselves before falling down in a heap like a sack of potatoes. Knocking their teeth out. Getting a hematoma. They bob up and down, correcting themselves and righting their posture, making micro adjustments that save them from the inevitable fall. What, beside the grace of God, could be on their side?

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