Ten Hindrances to Your Prayer

by Sanctified Brother

It’s that time of year again when the whole world finds themselves praying. You know, talking to God. Begging Him for more “stuff” than they need so they can be selfish and gluttonous, only thinking of the poor folks as an afterthought, contrasting the beautiful life they enjoy with that of the irritating, stinking homeless guy asking them for a discretionary sacrifice (the nerve of him!).

You’re going to hear people talk about praying at the office holiday parties, on the corners where they’re giving out tracts, and even on the news. And on the train ride home when you’re tired and just want to catch a quick cat nap.

Many of those prayers won’t be answered. They’ll be impotent, ineffective words and the desired outcomes will never materialize. The reasons are complex, yet you can get your prayer life in order if you know what to do—and then do it. Religiously. Just fix the ten hindrances to prayer listed below and you’ll be ready to receive your blessings.

  1. Harboring unconfesssed sins
  2. Lack of faith
  3. Disobedience
  4. Lack of transparency with God and others
  5. Harboring unforgiveness
  6. Wrong motives
  7. Idols in our lives
  8. Disregard for others
  9. Disregard for God’s sovereignity
  10. An unsurrendered will

I’m going to blog about each of these topics at the beginning of 2013. Stay tuned because making adjustments in these areas can make the difference between praying unsuccessfully and receiving the blessings God has in store for you.