Fire Shut Up in My Bones

by Sanctified Brother

I eat extremely healthy year round because my body (just like yours) is a temple to the living God. I’m supposed to keep it clean, healthy, and functional so I abstain from harmful additives, intoxicating beverages, debilitating drugs, and limit my intake of the major killers in today’s food: salt, sugar, and fat.

Temptation overcame me this time. I found myself weak in the knees, standing before the forbidden fruit like Mama Eve, staring lustfully at the delicacies that she had no business considering. My temptation didn’t hang from a tree, though. My temptation came in a fancy bag and tempted me just the same.

Kettle cooked chips.

Not just any kettle cooked chips. I succumbed to Kettle Brand’s Jalapeno flavor. The epitome of om nom nom.

Jalapeno Kettle Cooked Chips

Truthfully, it’s no big deal that I snuck and ate some Kettle Jalapeno chips. The problem is when I snuck and ate.  My timing was poor because I snacked on them right before my annual checkup and the doctor is expected to draw blood. Oh, well. I’ll just explain the blood test by saying, “Doc, there’s a fire shut up in my bones!”