The Best Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

by Sanctified Brother

iPad Minis, iPhones, and iMacs don’t top the list. Neither do those handsome lightweight down jackets. The best gifts to give this holiday season are those that help the less fortunate. There are many individuals in your locale who fit the criteria: they’re without family, friends, jobs, adequate money, or resources and would be extremely thankful for someone like you to remember them. Why not be the one who makes their day?

I’ve heard it said that it’s better to give than to receive. There’s truth to that statement, especially during this “season of giving,” commonly known as Christmas. Give to someone less fortunate and don’t expect to receive anything from them in return. No need for any ostentatious display of your gift-giving where the recipient feels compelled to bow down and kiss your feet afterwards. Do it with a willing heart because you want to.

Consider this partial list of what to get for a needy family or person without embarrassing them. Let them know they don’t owe you anything for the benevolence.

  • $200 gift card to a supermarket that sells high-quality food
  • A monthly Metrocard
  • A good quality suit they can wear to interviews and church
  • A no-contract, prepaid cellphone with airtime minutes
  • A warm coat
  • Pay a monthly bill for them
  • A night of wholesome entertainment

These are merely examples of what can be given to someone without breaking the bank or embarrassing the recipient. The individuals in your sphere of influence may need other items, like a week of childcare, or a prescription filled, or someone to patch and repair the hole in their bathroom wall. Assess the needs and gift accordingly.

Each of the suggestions above costs less than an iPod Touch, which many folks would definitely give to someone as one of their gifts, so we’re without excuse. The suggestions are also practical, including the wholesome entertainment. The year of worry and stress the less fortunate face is formidable. Why shouldn’t they have a chance to unwind, too?

Remember the less fortunate this holiday season. Your friends can stand to do without a gift or two, and so can you. Have a heart and give some of the best gifts this holiday season.