Got a Swipe?

by Sanctified Brother

One of the worst things you can see is a man begging. Destitute and hopeless, he’s broken. It’s pitiful. A man’s dignity is anchored in his ability to support himself and hold his head up high. Take away his ability to feed himself and you’ve taken away his manliness.

I know the brother I saw in the train station felt that very same way. His countenance told a story he didn’t want published. Or read. Or shared. Socially. His desire didn’t matter because he broadcast his predicament with his broken body English.

Yo,” he mustered up, “you got a monthly? I could get a swipe?

I had budgeted for my day and added a few dollars to my Metrocard, expecting it to last me until I finished running my errands and handling business. His request, however small, would set me back $2.25, which is less than the hundred-or-so dollar ticket he would have to absorb if he were caught fare-beating.

All I had to do to help the brother get on the train was make a minor sacrifice. Just slide the plastic through the reader. So, I swiped the brother through and he went on his merry way, thankful for the blessing.

Read this: Matthew 25:31-46