After Church Meet and Greet

by Sanctified Brother

The Bible says that we shouldn’t neglect “hanging out,” and for a valid reason. There are friendships to be made, interests to be shared, resources to utilize…there is counsel to be given, support to be offered—it’s a wholesome experience for all involved. Who, in their right mind, desires to simply go to church and escape immediately after? Are they afraid of being contaminated by sinners? Or afraid of becoming Jesusified?

Pleased to Meet You
Last Sabbath was an example of productive fellowship after church. We were preparing to leave church with a family friend for dinner and discussion. We’d talk about life and its challenges, the children would destroy the room. Dishes would hibernate in the sink until morning.

Instead, a sister in church approached us, enthusiastically, introduced herself, confidently, and invited us to participate with her in church service. She had “heard about us,” as so many in the church have, and wanted to secure our support to make her department run smoothly in 2013.

An invitation, how sweet. And, we were sought out. Amazing. We’re not members of the congregation yet, however the members feel confident enough to extend an invitation to us. That’s what Jesus would do: He’d say, “hey, the best action in town is happening where I’m headed. Let’s go!

We talked for an hour, sharing our interests and ideas. The sister was pleased with our skill set and entreated us to come on board. I’m still hesitant, although my stance is quickly changing.

Let’s Keep in Touch
The sister didn’t just come to smile in our faces and chew the fat. She introduced us to her friends and other like-minded visual artists in the church. That was a noble act and I commend her for that. You don’t find many persons who are willing to say, “hey, I’d love to work with you because your skills can enhance my project and my project can enhance your skills.” It’s even rarer to hear someone say, “meet my friends; we can all get together and get stuff done.

We shared contact information and agreed to keep in touch. There’s a high likelihood we’ll find a way to work together somehow in 2013 to make spreading the gospel a greater reality in our part of town. I’m looking forward to it increasingly.