Sabbath Worship November 23, 2012

by Sanctified Brother

Happy Sabbath, everyone. I do hope you take some time to relax and reflect on God today. He is truly worthy of praise! There were so many things happening in the days and weeks past that you definitely have a reason to praise him. My week wasn’t as oppressive as last week, so I thank God for that.

Sometimes low-key is fine, so I turned the volume down a bit and served a simple meal of spaghetti with vegan Bolognese sauce. Nobody complained, and I think it was because they were all too eager to finish dinner and move on to dessert. Nevertheless, it was good to unwind and bond as a family over a good meal and wholesome discussion. That’s what families are made of.

I originally had an idea for a very involved family worship where we implemented arts and crafts to enhance the lesson. It was a bit too ambitious, even though everyone was enthusiastic about the idea. We just didn’t have all of the materials to complete the lesson successfully. So what do you do when you can’t go with your plan? Go with Plan B! 

We read the book of Nahum, as originally planned. Then, we decided to draw the most important concepts from the reading and discuss our drawings afterward. Each of us had paper and pencils and were free to interpret the reading as we saw fit. There were no limitations on drawing style, pages used, or anything else.

Have you ever read Nahum? It’s a very exciting book. Here’s the backdrop: Nahum has to send a message to the Assyrians about the trouble that’s about to come. He’s going to the same place Jonah, his predecessor, went. The Assyrians were a frighteningly barbaric people and nobody in their right mind would be willing to go there to tell them of their pending doom because of their nasty behavior.

There were some amazing points that we discovered from the reading, namely:

Wrap Up
We spent the next hour or so discussing the importance of being on God’s side and the consequences of fighting against Him. It’s amazing that God—a spiritual being that we can’t see and touch—has such an impact on the day-to-day activities of paupers and rulers alike. God cares and knows what’s going on. More, He is willing and able to intervene to the benefit of His people. That’s awesome.