I Don’t Celebrate Thanksgiving

by Sanctified Brother

I’m considered a Scrooge this time of year because of my stance on “the holidays.” They don’t make sense to me culturally, socially, and spiritually. There are elements of pride and superstition, crimes against humanity, and blatant elements of the occult in the holidays that I can’t move myself to participate in. So, count me out.

That includes Thanksgiving Day, the great day of feasting and merriment and celebrating misinformation and genocide. And invasion. I am a thankful person, though, and offer thanksgiving daily for what God has blessed me with. You should, too. Here, let me help you:

I believe we should thank God all the time—every day, every chance we get. It’s counterintuitive to wait until once per year to say “thank you” to a merciful, loving God who provides our life essence daily, allowing us to live and move and have our being. Can you remember everything you have to thank God for if you wait until once per year to proclaim them? I doubt it.

How many times did God save you from tragedies seen and unseen? Think about the stories on the news about the person struck by the train you were going to get on. Or the salmonella outbreak at the restaurant you used to eat at. Or the fire in the building you used to live in.

How many times did God bless you with an unexpected gift? How many times did God favor you over someone else? How many times did God ensure that your daughter didn’t end up pregnant, or that the drugs in her drink didn’t make her unconscious, or that your son didn’t get stopped and frisked again, or that your husband brought his whole check home…

How many times did you say thank you, Lord?

Read this: Psalm 69:30, Philippians 4:6, 1 Timothy 2:1