Sabbath Worship November 16, 2012

by Sanctified Brother

Exhausted. Drained. Spent. Those words best describe how we felt after a non-stop week of challenges, victories, and blessings. We had so many fast-paced moments that we had no ability to slow down until the tank was on “E”. Thank God for the Sabbath because we can finally rest.

We began Sabbath last night with vegetable pizza for dinner. Unusual, yes, I’m aware of that. The last few weeks, including this one, had been intensely trying and uncooperative with our schedule so I cooked what I could for Saturday’s lunch and dinner and used take-out pizza from Papa John’s to fill in the gap.

Pizza Dinner

One aspect of Sabbath dinner our family eagerly awaits is relating our spiritual experiences during the week. It’s important because the family that prays together stays together and it’s equally important for families to talk together so they know what each other is doing. Talking in a relaxed environment encourages bonding within families. Do you know how many families are individual islands in one big sea, each with their own government and issues?

None of us were up to a study on Revelation or The 2300 Day Prophecy. We took the liberty to let our brains unfrazzle a bit and watch a Christian movie for our worship period. The children loaded Facing the Giants on YouTube and we watched it on the small screen (my son enjoys being the one to broadcast entertainment on his iPad).

Facing the Giants

Wrap Up
The children turned in to enjoy a good night’s sleep while I left to attend an evangelistic meeting at Hebron SDA Church. Narlon Edwards, a good friend of mine who is now a well-respected traveling preacher, was the speaker at a two-week-long series and I wanted to support him at the event. It was an informative, sobering, eye-opening experience that I’m glad I attended.

I saw a few friends there and I also saw the power of God at work. Many persons in attendance decided to give their lives to God and secure their eternal future in heaven. God bless them and their efforts. I pray they stay focussed and mature into productive Christians who help spread the good news of our soon-returning savior, Jesus Christ.