Hurricane Sandy Hinted at Something

by Sanctified Brother

We just survived a torrential storm. Hurricane Sandy, which was downgraded to a post-tropical storm, mercilessly pummeled the East Coast with high winds, flooding waters, uprooted trees, flying debris, destroyed roads, and anything else that nature could use to make its point. Those with riverside properties (and suddenly a greater proximity to the water) are cursing their insurance agents who have reneged on their policies. Those who were evacuated realize there’s no place like home, especially since their nest has been looted and occupied by others trying to avoid the elements.

We were warned.

Did you see how the supermarkets were without food? Those who remembered the Y2K scare opted to stockpile everything again, “just in case.” Did you see how the gas stations were without gas? Only a handful of stations had the liquid gold and the local authorities rationed out the precious resource later. Did you see how the subways were flooded and shut down? There was no access to or egress from certain parts of New York City. Bridges, tunnels, and paths were obstructed or destroyed. Resources and aid were not able to make it in.

There’s trouble coming.

Hurricane Sandy hinted at something and I took the hint. The Bible says that there is a time of trouble coming on Earth that no one can prepare for. It will be a veritable nightmare. No can explain the stomach-churning fear it will induce:

“‘Cries of fear are heard—
terror, not peace.
Ask and see:
Can a man bear children?
Then why do I see every strong man
with his hands on his stomach like a woman in labor,
every face turned deathly pale?
How awful that day will be!
None will be like it.
It will be a time of trouble for Jacob,
but he will be saved out of it.

Our planet will be plunged into a time of uncertainty, fear, despair, and barbarism. There will be lockdown. Isolation. Restrictions. Starvation. Death. There will be no purchases made. The money you saved up will be meaningless because you won’t be able to buy what doesn’t exist—or won’t be made available for purchase. There will be government-subsidized rations doled out to those who “fit the criteria.” Tough break for you if you don’t fit in.

The conspiracy theorist in me believes that Sandy may have had a helping hand (Hurricane Katrina lends great weight to that belief, as does the oft-used cloud seeding and the deftly-scripted 9/11 “attacks”). I believe this is a drill and there will be other drills to test the results of the previous experiments. Wickedness is increasing and the powers that be are preparing to fight.

It’s time to depend upon the Lord more, brothers and sisters. Take comfort in his protective care because He, alone, is able to save us from what’s to come.

Read this: Jeremiah 30:5-7Matthew 24