I’m Going to TipToe into Church Today

by Sanctified Brother

I missed church two weeks ago because of a plumbing emergency and made sure to be back in church the following week. The members received me well, as expected, and so did the pastor. He gave me a warm bear hug, shook my hand firmly, and put his hand on my shoulder. He looked me squarely in the eyes and said, “make sure to fill out one of the forms I gave out in church today…the one that says what you want to do in church next year.”

It’s time for the church to replace the old officers with new officers who will lead the church for the next two years and the pastor wants me to be a part of his official team. Being a part of the church leadership team is a major responsibility and blessing, however I don’t know if I care to serve in any official capacity any time soon.

My previous tenure ended in mutiny and a coup, leaving me battle-weary and desirous to do individualized ministry. There would be no boards to sit on, no fringe groups competing for power, no political undercurrent to deal with. Just me and the Lord working to “save some souls.” I like that.

On the other hand, a senior minister friend chided me, stating, “an elder must serve; you can’t be an elder and not serve.” There’s tremendous truth to his admonition and it always keeps me on my toes. What differs in my acceptance of the charge now is where and how to serve. Do I have to serve in an organized, official capacity? Or is it acceptable to “do my own thing”? I’m content with a hybrid where I spend the majority of my time in personal ministry and a smaller portion of my time in a team effort at church.

The pastor is going to be looking for me today, eager to have my answer. That’s why I’m going to tiptoe into church today. I’m not afraid, I’m just not eager to touch this situation right away. I prefer to stay under the radar and think this over, even though I’ve already registered as a blip.