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Month: October, 2012

I’m Going to TipToe into Church Today

I missed church two weeks ago because of a plumbing emergency and made sure to be back in church the following week. The members received me well, as expected, and so did the pastor. He gave me a warm bear hug, shook my hand firmly, and put his hand on my shoulder. He looked me squarely in the eyes and said, “make sure to fill out one of the forms I gave out in church today…the one that says what you want to do in church next year.”

It’s time for the church to replace the old officers with new officers who will lead the church for the next two years and the pastor wants me to be a part of his official team. Being a part of the church leadership team is a major responsibility and blessing, however I don’t know if I care to serve in any official capacity any time soon.

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An Extra Emphasis on the Scripture Reading

You’re expected to bring your Bible to church, be it a traditional book or an app on your iDevice, because you’re going to use it. Churches solicit congregational participation by asking everyone—children, wage earners, professionals, retirees, politicians, visitors, backsliders—to reverently stand and recite a predefined passage of scripture from their Bibles in unison.

What you hear in your immediate circle, though, isn’t always reverence. Some folks struggle with ancient Biblical words. Some are generally not the best readers. Some don’t hear very well and keep asking their neighbors what verse they’re supposed to read. And then there are those whose simple actions elicit laughter from anyone in the periphery.

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Can You Handle the Truth? (A Mock Trial)

Mock Trial at Mamre Seventh-day Adventist Church

October 27, 2012 9:00AM. Truth, in all its forms, has been on the defensive for a while. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because the devil has been bastardizing everything the Good Lord has given to His people. Come out to this presentation and get an idea of some cosmic behind-the-scenes happenings that can make a dramatic difference in your life.

Mamre Seventh-day Adventist Church
1623 Utica Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234-1524
Phone: (718) 258-2716
(Click here for travel directions)

Temporary Protected Status Extended for Haitians

WASHINGTON—Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has extended Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haiti for an additional 18 months. Secretary Napolitano is also extending the suspension of certain requirements for F-1 nonimmigrant Haitian students…

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So, You Don’t Like Religion?

It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to say they don’t like religion. I hear it several times every week, especially on forums of unbridled opinion like Facebook. Right there with the pictures of them getting tattoos, hanging out in bars, or getting intimately familiar with some sin (that they wouldn’t agree is sin).

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Health Ministries Day at Hanson Place

There will be a free seminar next week at Hanson Place Seventh-day Adventist Church covering health and weight loss. Dr. Jesson Manukonda, author of the bestseller Overcoming Diabetes Naturally, will be the presenter. It’s painfully obvious that people of color are eating themselves to disease and death so a seminar like this could be as life-saving as it is eye-opening.

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Acts of God Fall Revival 2012

Pastor Shane Francis is a busy man this season, preaching the Word of God anywhere there’s a microphone and a pair of ears. His preaching style and involvement will keep you interested without gimmickry. Here’s another revival where you can hear what God told him to tell you.

As per the Facebook announcement:

Pass the word along—from October 6-20th we will be downloading the Book of Acts…You can’t afford to miss it!

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The Way of the Cross Fall Revival 2012

As per the Facebook announcement:

The Way of the Cross Leads Home…and we all should be preparing to be heading home. Therefore on October 27, 2012 at the Cornerstone Seventh-day Adventist Church we are inviting you to come and be a part of the Fall Revival with Pastor Shane I. Francis beginning at 6 PM with a Grand Gospel Concert…You can’t afford to miss it!

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