Read My New Blog: The 98 Pound Weakling

by Sanctified Brother

I started a new blog,, at the end of August (there’s a link to it in the navigation above—it says Training). It’s an unfolding online journal and commentary of my “on again, off again” fitnes regimen and periodic discoveries along the way. This doesn’t replace Sanctified Brother, it supports it.

What You Won’t Find on The 98 Pound Weakling
There won’t be any of those inspirational quotes with pictures of oiled, grimacing, beefcake models in those skimpy, little thongs. I’m not into that. No endorsing of the latest expensive supplement guaranteed to give you six pack abs and male endurance. You won’t see any silicone-enhanced “T and A” models in butt-floss bikinis, either.

What You Will Find on the 98 Pound Weakling
I’m going to be brutally honest about what I do, what works, and what didn’t work. I’ll review books and equipment that I have or want. You’ll see what I ate. You’ll find embarrassing photos of my current body while I transform into a better body (don’t laugh, though).

Many people share the same challenge as me: they’re not in the best possible shape, not interested in slaving away in the gym, don’t have a “never say die” gym attitude, and have struggled for years trying to attain the body they feel comfortable living in. They’ll enjoy

Please follow the blog, or subscribe by email if you aren’t a user. Leave your comments on each blog post. I’d love to hear your feedback and have you cheer me on while I try to gain some muscle.