Amazing Grace Really Is

by Sanctified Brother

Wintley Phipps has an incredible commentary on negro spirituals that warrants attention. He breaks down the notes typically used and very eye-opening history on the popular song, Amazing Grace.

“Anybody tonight know who wrote that song? I heard it: a man by the name of John Newton. But do you know what John Newton did before he became a Christian?

He was the captain of a slave ship. And many believe he heard this melody that sounds very much like a West African sorrow chant. And wrote the words “Amazing Grace” and set his words to a slave melody.

I looked up that song…I believe God wanted that song written just the way it was written. Just so that we would be reminded that as Christians, whether black or white, free or bond, In His eyes, we’re all connected…we are connected…and we are connected by God’s Amazing Grace. Hallelujah! We are connected by God’s Amazing Grace. I looked up that song in the Library of Congress and wherever you see it authentically printed you know what it says? Words: John Newton, Melody: Unknown. I tell the Lord, “when I get to heaven I want to meet Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, but, boy, I want to meet that slaved called Unknown!”

I recorded that song the way I hear it. When I sing it I still hear the sounds of the slave ships in the water. I want to sing it for you the way John Newton probably first heard it coming up out of the belly of the ship. Listen…”

Wintley Phipps Amazing Grace