Breath of Life New York Rally 2012

by Sanctified Brother

I caught the tail end of the Breath of Life New York Rally 2012 today. I was planning on attending AY at a church on the other side of town today when some friends asked me if I was going to the Breath of Life event at Hanson Place. I honestly remembered nothing about it and had no plans on attending. I did manage to make it over and I’m glad—no, blessed—that I did.

Breath of Life New York Rally 2012

The praise team opened the show with a lively set and I saw the very talented Johnny Mercier on the organ. They performed heavenly, as usual. Laos in Harmony was there, too. I thought they’d perform more songs, however they only had time for one.

Dr. Carlton P. Byrd was the speaker and he preached a remarkable sermon about “fishing.” He showed how Jesus called his first few people and converted them into fishers of men. The highlight came when he showed how fishers of men are supposed to operate. It was enlightening and motivating at the same time.

It’s too bad I missed the other dates. I did benefit from what I saw, though, and that’s what counts.