West Indian Labor Day Parade and Carnival

by Sanctified Brother

West Indian Labor Day Parade and Carnival

Brooklyn’s thriving Caribbean-American community is having its annual West Indian Labor Day Parade and Carnival today, September 3rd, 2012. The colors, sounds, music and foods of many countries will be on display for everyone to participate in. Expect there to be major traffic and travel disruptions throughout parts of Brooklyn for the massive event. Keep your vehicles at home and wear your comfortable shoes if you plan on attending the festivities.

On the other hand, it bears mentioning: brothers, keep your weapons at home, too. We don’t need any more tragedies within our communities from senseless black-on-black crime. The police presence at the parade and carnival will be noticeable and nerves will be frayed. Please do not contribute to the tension.

Say a prayer before leaving the house that the Almighty God protects you from miscreants and that you do not become one, yourself. Go to the parade and carnival to enjoy yourself. Not to contribute to the negativity that surrounds the event every year…