The Church Needs Power

by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

The church needs power. During the days before Pentecost the apostles imitated the powerless churches that we see today.

They were locked up behind closed doors, most of our churches are closed during the week. They were whispering among themselves about the power of God instead of shouting from the rooftops. They were hiding from the colonial power instead of proclaiming or living in the new kingdom.

Human speech confused at Babel and the phenomenon was reversed at Pentecost when they spoke with tongues of fire. In one day they were able to convert 3,000 people. There was power, like a mighty rushing wind.

Now they could pray with power. Now they could preach. Now they could sing and live with power.

Look at the power: the last time they heard from Peter he said, three times, that he didn’t know Jesus. The next time they heard him he was shouting, “I got Jesus.”

The power of Pentecost is not limited to Pentecostals. It’s available to all Christians. the power of the Holy Spirit is available to everybody.