Lord, I Have Had Enough

by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

Elijah (the Tishbite, from Tishbe) was feeling mentally drained after doing everything that he could do to serve the Lord and His people in a tangible way. This was no easy task because the people of God have a tendency to be rebellious, stubborn, forgetful of God’s authority, and difficult to manage. Elijah was able to perform many major miracles, both public and private, with God’s blessing.

We can be as active in church ministry as Elijah was, having victory after victory, never being challenged spiritually, and being a recognizable leader among the people, and still have bad days. Someone or something will always get in the way and cause interference.

Elijah was having a nervous breakdown after killing himself working for the church and not getting a break. The very people he was working for didn’t provide any respite. He had suddenly realized he had enough of dealing with the challenging church folks. He got to the point where he didn’t want to do it anymore. He said “I’m through, I’m throwing in the towel.”

Many of God’s leaders face burnout from pushing too hard for too long and not getting a break. Elijah went through it. Moses went through it. Jeremiah and Jonah went through it.

Elijah prayed for many things during his time of service and God answered his requests: the fire, the Jordan River, rain… It’s a good thing that God didn’t answer when Elijah prayed for death.

When you have a spiritual setback the only way to get back on track is to be replenished in the Lord. Elijah, after eating the special food God prepared for him, went through 40 days and 40 nights of rough-road running by God’s strength. You need a living bread for your dead situation. For your barrenness.

Read this: 1 Kings 18:16 – 1 Kings 19:18