Get in The Right Hands

by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

A basketball in a man’s hand is worth a few dollars, yet it’s worth millions in Michael Jordan’s. A pair of running shoes costs a few hundred dollars, yet they [pay for] broken records and Olympic medals in Usain Bolt’s hands. It all depends on whose hands [the thing] is in.

A slingshot in your hands is one thing, while a slingshot in David’s hands takes down big, bad Goliath. Nails in your hands produce bad pain, while nails in the hands of Jesus Christ produces salvation over the world. Your redemption, salvation, peace, joy, and more depends on the hands you’re in.

Place yourself in the hands of Jesus.

The end is coming. It won’t end with a bang. It’ll be paralyzing terror and indescribable joy. What you’ll feel in the end of earth’s history depends on whose hands you’re in. Place yourself in the hands of Jesus.

Read this: Matthew 24:30, 31