by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

Jesus spoke to His curious and eager audiences about many events and concepts, some of which were only applicable to us in today’s world. One of the most pertinent topics that He discussed was the kingdom of God and its coming, whether we’re prepared or not.

Imagine if you’re not prepared for Jesus. The ramifications could be deadly and have eternal consequences. You should keep a steady watch on your existence to ensure your preparation.

It’s one thing to be awake and keep watch during the day. That’s easy. Jesus said stay up and watch during the night. That’s harder! Why stay up? Because the master can come at any time.

Here are three areas to watch in preparation for Jesus’ return:

  1. Watch Yourself
    The sinful nature may come back at any time. We must remain dead to sin and alive in Christ.
  2. Watch Your Thoughts
    Be careful of self-centerdness. We can become absorbed in this world. There’s a delay before the morning comes (that’s grace and mercy). The difference is that you can’t anticipate when it’s coming.
  3. Watch for Christ’s Purchased Souls
    We must possess Christ’s love for people in our hearts, have an interest in their affairs, and always be doing good for others, just for the glory of God. No strings attached.

When you see a defect in someone that they didn’t see God wants you to pray about it. Watch for others. Don’t you want your brother to get to heaven, too? Do something about it!

Read this: Mark 13:33-37