Almost Didn’t Make it Through the Prayer

by Sanctified Brother

The elder made the public call for prayer and the eager parishioners—myself included—hastily assembled in the front of the sanctuary to kneel down and consult the Lord. We look forward to praying for others and have them pray for us because prayer works.

I’m not fond of praying when I’m tired, though. There’s no way I can concentrate on praying with my eyes closed when I’m tired. The threat of sweet sleep looms heavily over me. That’s what happened to me today when I went up to pray.

All I remember was being tired. Sooo tired. So tired I began rocking back and forth in fatigue as soon as my eyes closed. I hope none of the folks saw me and thought I was about to “catch the Spirit…” The Deacons might have come and dragged me out of the sanctuary. I wouldn’t have protested, though. I’d gladly let them drag my listless body to a back pew where I’d lay low and sleep a few minutes away before I composed myself and became respectful again.

Shifting my weight from one knee to the other didn’t work. Neither did exhaling forcefully. I seriously considered turning around and sitting on the floor with my back to the platform I was kneeling against and hanging my head in a deep slumber. All I had to do was sit totally still and act natural. I’d get up once they said, “Amen,” and no one would be the wiser. Just me and Jesus…