Food that Hit the Spot

by Sanctified Brother

Have you ever had a meal that just hit the spot like a laser-guided arrow into a bullseye? I love it when I have a satisfying meal and it’s even better when someone was kind enough to prepare it for me.

The past month has been abusive to me because I’ve been doing renovations in my apartment. I spent long hours knocking, breaking, sanding, fixing, and all kinds of work to get the renovations done and I’ve exhausted myself in the process. I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open and my whole body was sore beyond belief. Still, I had errands to run and needed a haircut because a brother simply has to be sharp.

The plan was to eat first: either a falafel or a potato and channa roti. Chipotle, across town, was the next option if those two weren’t available. The brother in the falafel shop had a surprise for me. He told me, the night before, to come by the next day and he’d have a special dish for me. It’s a good thing I did come. He made a pot of red lentil soup especially for me.

Truthfully, it was 90 degrees outside and hot soup was the last meal I had on my mind. I ate it, though, and it was worth it. That hot soup, thick and bursting with flavor, rejuvenated my tired bones. Oh, it felt so nourishing! I could feel my strength returning to  me. All I needed was a nap to complete the recovery.

Thank you, my brother. God bless you!