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Month: August, 2012

Children of Killers

Chidren of Killers

In post-genocide Rwanda, a group of teens prepares to meet their fathers, who are about to be released from prison.

Poignant. I feel a sense of remorse and apprehension—just what the teens must feel. This is a must-see for me. I don’t know when I’ll get to see it, I just know that I will see it. I have to take my family to see it, too.

Latonia Phipps, the actress who plays Esperance in “Children of Killers,” has an interesting article about her role in the production on her blog. Read it here:

Get ticket information here.


Lord, I Have Had Enough

(Sermon Synopsis)

Elijah (the Tishbite, from Tishbe) was feeling mentally drained after doing everything that he could do to serve the Lord and His people in a tangible way. This was no easy task because the people of God have a tendency to be rebellious, stubborn, forgetful of God’s authority, and difficult to manage. Elijah was able to perform many major miracles, both public and private, with God’s blessing.

We can be as active in church ministry as Elijah was, having victory after victory, never being challenged spiritually, and being a recognizable leader among the people, and still have bad days. Someone or something will always get in the way and cause interference.

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You Should Interview Your Pastor

It’s time for us to settle down into a permanent church—a church we can call home. We’ve been visiting local Adventist churches in the NY Metro Area all year to get an idea of the different church cultures that we might participate in and, so far, there aren’t many differences. What I found differs the most is the leadership team, particularly the pastor. The leadership team helps to shape the culture of the church, while the Pastor’s leadership style and vision plays a major part in your potential comfort or discomfort in the church you plan to attend. That’s why you should interview your pastor.

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How I Start My Day

How I Start My Morning
I wake up and pray a focussed prayer for everybody and everything, then jump in the shower, then whip up a super-sized smoothie before jumping into blogging. Somewhere along the day, in the multitude of things and diversity of activities, I hope that something I’ve done blesses someone, including you.

Read this: Matthew 5:16

A Noose Grows in Brooklyn

A Noose Grows in Brooklyn

A Noose Grows in Brooklyn

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Someone, for whatever reason, thought it was acceptable to tie a noose to a gate and leave it there. Cultural and racial insensitivities are still rampant in Brooklyn, gentrification or not. It’s true: a noose grows in Brooklyn.

This is my second entry in the Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s late, however a worthwhile addition to the pool. A noose, yeah. Wrong.

Vegan Carrot Muffins

Vegan Carrot Muffins

Vegan carrot muffins. Healthy snacks that you can indulge in without guilt.

Get in The Right Hands

(Sermon Synopsis)

A basketball in a man’s hand is worth a few dollars, yet it’s worth millions in Michael Jordan’s. A pair of running shoes costs a few hundred dollars, yet they [pay for] broken records and Olympic medals in Usain Bolt’s hands. It all depends on whose hands [the thing] is in.

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Wardrobe Malfunction

I labored and did all of my work for six days so I was ready for the Sabbath. Eager, too. The unfortunate has confronted me now: a wardrobe malfunction.

This calls for some creative adaptation. Brothers don’t keep as many outfit options on hand as the sisters do. On the other hand, my wardrobe is basic and predictable so I’ll have an easy time getting ready again.

I’ll end up late to church again…have mercy, Lord.

Power Breakfast

Breakfast with a bang. That’s what I’m having and it’s because I have a new blender: the KitchenAid Architect 5 Speed Blender. This blender is powerful and makes smoothies easily.

My favorite smoothie so far is a classic blender bomb: a Strawberry Banana Smoothie. Here’s the recipe:

1 banana*

3 strawberries

4 or 5 blueberries

2 pitted dates

1 tbsp wheat germ

1 sprinkle of cinnamon

8 oz plain, unsweetened soymilk

* I break into pieces and freeze my bananas ahead of time so that I don’t need any ice in my smoothies.

There’s no added sugar and this is 100% vegan. Use organic ingredients wherever possible. It’s better for you. Put the milk in the blender first, then everything except the bananas. Blend. Put the frozen bananas in and use the ice chop feature to break the bananas, then switch to liquify for 30 seconds. Indulge.

I don’t care about getting too many calories and I tend to make my smoothies without precise measurements. Adapt and adjust to your needs and enjoy.


(Sermon Synopsis)

Jesus spoke to His curious and eager audiences about many events and concepts, some of which were only applicable to us in today’s world. One of the most pertinent topics that He discussed was the kingdom of God and its coming, whether we’re prepared or not.

Imagine if you’re not prepared for Jesus. The ramifications could be deadly and have eternal consequences. You should keep a steady watch on your existence to ensure your preparation.

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