Happy Sabbath to All

by Sanctified Brother

The good God we all love and worship said that we can hustle and flow for six consecutive days, then we put it to bed to give Him the respect He requires. One day is set aside for worship, restoration, recreation, reflection, fellowship, and all things Godly.

Some of the brothers I know say they can’t make it to church because they’re too busy or tired. That’s all the more reason to attend because God also said, paraphrasing, “oh, you’re tired, bruh? Let me give you a hand with your struggle.”

I’m taking perfect advantage of this rest day to refill my spirituality. I’ll sneak in a nap later, then I’m headed back for a concert in church this evening.

Don’t forget the Lord, folks. Give Him the time He requires. It’s good for you more than it is for God. Happy Sabbath!

Read this: Exodus 20:8-11, Matthew 11:28-30