Make Your Books Bear Fruit

by Sanctified Brother

Let’s face it: God gave you a functional brain that can absorb, retain, and disperse information. You prove this daily by remembering where you live, whistling a tune, solving simple problems, and planning courses of action. Much of what you learned came from books (the rest of what you learned springboarded from that foundation you developed, observations you’ve made, trial and error, etc.).

What do you do with the information you learned from those books? Do you jealously guard your information and use it solely for profit and prestige? Do you use it for leverage to gain the upper hand on your peers? Do you stand on it and look down on the brothers who aren’t as intelligent as you? I suggest you make your books bear fruit. How? Teach the less-enlightened brothers and sisters to do something that you read in your books.

For free.

Brothers, we have an obligation to empower those around us. The elders did it for us so we must consider it mandatory to continue the practice. Teach someone something. Groom them. Take them under your wing and prepare them for the future. You have to equip the next generation with tools to prepare them for success. It ain’t easy being black, so help someone along since you already are moving along the path.