Late to Church Again

by Sanctified Brother

Sometimes my best efforts just don’t add up to success and I fail. Today was one of those situations where, try as I might, I just didn’t get to church on time. My suit was wrinkled, my hair wasn’t cut, my shoes weren’t shined, I had a busy week, I was tired, I didn’t finish my paperwork—I felt like a mess. I probably looked like a mess, too.

I don’t have any excuses; I just dropped the ball. Sorry, Jesus. The silver lining to this dark cloud is Jesus says, “come on, brother…I’ll take care of you.” Amen. I can still get to church and get filled up despite feeling flattened. I need that reassurance after a long, taxing week.

Don’t let stress or lack of preparation be your excuse for not going to church. You can get there just like I was able to get there, even if your weave isn’t looking too good or your fade grew out. Or you put too many pounds on eating that red velvet cake. Or your corns don’t agree with your new stilettos. Go on and meet up with Jesus. He’s waiting for us.