A Connection with Jesus

by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

The book of Luke, in the Bible, recounts the story of a woman with twelve years of prolonged menstrual bleeding. Biblical research shows that she was considered an outcast and was not allowed to inhabit the same area with the rest of society (because she was considered a health and sanitary risk). Those traumatizing years of physical wear and tear, and forced solitude, made her only care about relief from her plight. She didn’t care about a slimmer figure. The latest fashions didn’t interest her. She only wanted to get better so she spent all of her money and resources on treatments that accomplished nothing.

There was Jesus, though, the one who could make her better. It’s suggested that she didn’t really know Jesus, she only heard of Jesus. She didn’t hear about his good deeds, she heard about His miracles and that interested her. She didn’t care about her soul, she cared about her healing.

Word spread quickly when Jesus was in town and she heard about His appearance as far away as wherever she was exiled to. Her plan—to go out there and touch Him—was as cavalier as could be. It was also irresponsible and deadly. If the town leaders caught her in the city they would have stoned her to death. Her desperation said death was worth it, so she risked it all to be healed.

Imagine that: risk death to gain life.

Jesus, after her life-changing touch, asked who touched Him. It wasn’t because He didn’t know who touched Him; it was because she didn’t know who she touched. She thought she touched a healer—a fancy shaman who could work the root. In reality she touched the Savior. Jesus wanted her to come face-to-face with her reality, the importance of her touch, and the magnitude of its results.

[There are a lot of sisters out there who’ve been touched and made better, overcoming their circumstances. They’ve got to know who they touched, too. It’s not the promotion or the dedication to the task that made them better—it’s Jesus. Open question to all of the sisters: is that you? Have you thanked the Lord for what he’s done for you?]

Read this: Mark 5:25-34