Reviving Your Friendships

by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

The week-long youth revival is still going on at Hanson Place church. I missed a few days because of scheduling conflicts so I made sure to attend tonight. This was the fifth day of the Youth Revival at Hanson Place Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Elder Knipe was already preaching when I slipped in quietly and took my seat up front. I don’t like to miss the action so I always try to get as close as possible. Hey, it’s free; why not get the best seats in the house? There were a few familiar faces there smiling and nodding at me affirmatively, signifying that they were happy to see me. That’s a good thing.

The good elder was discussing the oldest son in the parable of the prodigal son. The oldest son was the “mature” one, next in line to inherit the family jewels and wear the signet ring. The big man once daddy dies. He’s been around forever and did whatever he had to do to ensure that he’d get his piece of the pie. He was also furious that pop let the younger brother go−and come back−without making him pay for his insubordination.

There are “oldest sons” in the church.

Those are the brothers who’ve been around forever and think their tenure gives them a higher ranking in heaven. Have mercy. Don’t slip up and fall into sin: these brothers will hunt you down and drown you in holy water. And God forbid they find a young sister who got pregnant. They’ll tar and feather her then perform genital mutilation right there in the sanctuary!

It’s the unGodly spirit of unforgiveness that necessitates a revival in friendships. Did someone do something so heinous to you that it can’t be forgiven? Really? Think of how often we fail God. He still accepts us back and tells us that He’s willing to forgive us long before we even acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Read this: Luke 15:11-32