Preparing to Pamper

by Sanctified Brother

I dropped the family off at JFK airport today and honestly regret the separation. Yes, they get in my hair and, yes, they require a lot of my time. Still, I’ll miss them. I’m a major believer in the unity of the black family and prefer to take it as literal as possible.

I want us to eat together, watch YouTube together, go to church together, and even play together because engaging in family activities builds a strong family that respects one another and values each other as an integral part of their world. These activities, believe it or not, help the individual family members avoid drugs, gangs, negative peer pressure, adultery, and other sins.

Still, I welcome the time alone. Most of my time will be spent spring cleaning and working on personal projects. The rest of the time is mine. I’m going to pamper myself the way a brother needs to be pampered. I’m going to:

  1. Watch streaming sermons
  2. Listen to some good gospel music
  3. Eat as much as I can
  4. Get more exercise
  5. Get more rest

I realize these four areas are some of the most important areas of my life and I want to make sure I satisfy them. There’s no sense in missing the opportunity to revitalize myself. Hey, even Jesus said, “…come aside and rest awhile…”

You can take some time to pamper yourself, even if you’re still around others. Try at least one of the options that I’m going to exploit for at least one month and see how much better you feel about yourself. It’ll make you a more valuable person to your family and give you the pampering that you need.