Your Need for Revival

by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

Elder Theodore John Knipe, the young man from South Africa conducting the Youth Revival at Hanson Place Seventh-day Adventist Church, started with a bang and delivered an explosive sermon. God used him to connect across the continents, cultures, and ages.

He began with an example about a dollar bill and all the places its been—the gutter, the bodega, the adult store, the crack house, in a homeless person’s pocket—a variety of places that would make you either smile or blush. He said its whereabouts didn’t matter as much as the final destination: God’s offering plate.

Young people need to do the same thing: end up in God’s offering plate. That’s where they will be used by God for His service in the way He sees fit. Let’s get one thing clear, though: this doesn’t mean that you should live as reckless a life as possible and accumulate a laundry list of heinous crimes that would make Jesus cringe and then say, “okay, Jesus. I’m ready now. I slept with all the sisters and ripped everybody off. Everything I wanted to do in life is complete so now I’ll serve you.”

Elder Knipe made a statement that I firmly believe: most revivals don’t work. You go, clap and shout, sweat out your perm, and end up the same as you were before. Spiritual bankruptcy.

Listen to these startling statistics: 75% of young people between 16-30 leave the church, 1% leave because of doctrinal issues, and 98% leave because of “other people.”

I’m going to make an effort to attend every night, however I can’t guarantee my availability. Stop by if you’re in the area and would like a refreshing. It’ll be worth it.