Put Food on Your Table

by Sanctified Brother

The brother rummaging through my trash this morning wasn’t discreet like the other gleaners. They simply lift the lids, use their hand to adjust the refuse for a better view, take their five cent treasure, fix the disorder they might have created, replace the lid, then leave to find treasure elsewhere. I think they move swiftly and quietly so no other gleaners think to check their spot.

This fellow was loud an animated. He lifted the lids with bravado! I thought he was conducting a symphony the way he rose his arms with such vigor, arcing them rhythmically and replacing them in a tumultuous clash back on their cans and rattling the less-desirable recyclables inside. It turns out he was of a higher social standing than the less-experienced, quieter gleaner he was training. He was an experienced bottle collector. Isn’t that something? You need training to collect recyclable bottles from the trash. I’m impressed.

I couldn’t help but notice his confidence and pride in being more skilled than someone else in a task as dirty as picking bottles out of the garbage. His puffed his chest out and told grand instructions for bottle collecting success.

He’s making a living, though. Both of them are putting food on their respective tables. Maybe just a bag of chips and a 25 cent “juice”… hey, it’s food nevertheless. They’re working a trade using a learned skill to put food on their table and clothing on their back. Can’t knock that hustle…