True Motive in Service

by Sanctified Brother

(Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting Synopsis)

Jesus spoke to the leaders and influential personalities of His day and called them to task for their grandiose display of church service. They served The Master, however they served Him for the wrong reasons. They were certainly committed to their [church service], however they served publicly and visibly to bring attention to themselves. Big shots.

That’s not how it should be. Servants of God must be humble and sincere. Jesus wants your true motive in service to be love for Him, not love for self. Don’t serve God because you want the honeys to see you up front in church with your silk bow tie and prescription Ray-Bans. And please, sister, don’t serve God because you want to increase your chance of getting a husband (at the other sisters’ expense). Come on. Here are five points to consider to make sure you understand the true motive in service:

Matthew 6:5
What’s the purpose of your prayer? Is it to glorify God or show how linguistic you are? The religious leaders of the day were hypocrites who wanted attention for themselves praying out loud with big words and grand display. Stay away from that nonsense.

Matthew 6:7
Don’t use vain repetitions like the heathens do. Stop using the same phrases mindlessly and stop begging for the same tired requests over and over again.

Matthew 6:16
Fasting affects us spiritually, physically, and psychologically so that we learn to deny our base passions and avoid temptation and sin. The leaders would make grandiose displays of their appearance and go to great extremes abusing themselves with strenuous fasting and rigorous self-denial to make folks think they are holy. None of this allowed them to experience the intended benefit of fasting and praying.

Matthew 6:22
Stay focussed on your purpose. Participate in Christian activities like soul-winning, church attendance, etc.

Matthew 6:24
You can’t serve two masters. It’s impossible to serve God and Satan.

Everyone needs a self-evaluatio from time to time while living as a Christian. It’s easy to get sidetracked with church office, popularity, misguided intentions, and the like. Remember these five points and understand the true motive in service.

Read this: Matthew 6