Can We All Get Along?

by Sanctified Brother

The late Rodney King’s famous quote reverberated through my head: “can’t we all get along?” I’m a positive brother and I’m also a realist. No, we can’t get along.

Seriously, though, why can’t we get along? I firmly believe the answer is selfishness. We’re unwilling to compromise so we find ourselves at a standoff with whoever is at odds with us. That doesn’t mean that we’re both wrong, though. There are times when someone is genuinely at fault and unwilling to initiate any kind of restitution. That’s when a mediator is needed.

Jesus knew this day would come so he wisely counseled us to settle matters before we end up in court with some suits deciding our fates. Those dudes don’t care about us our or our friendship—their concern is settling the matter legally. And, for a hefty price.

Read this: James 4:1-2