What’s Going On with Our Kids?

by Sanctified Brother

One of my online friends, a blogger named diaryofanegress, posed a thought-provoking question on her blog. I began typing a response and realized that it was equal in length to a new post so I decided to create a new post here.

diaryofanegress mentioned:

I went to main street the other day and saw this little girl, probably around 14 or 15, with low-slung pants and a thong showing above her waistband! I stopped to stare at her. I thought to myself, at that age, if I had worn that, my mama would’ve whooped my black [behind]. What’s going on with our kids, people?

This topic always invigorates the activist in me and I look for the nearest, rickety soap box to stand on, pump my fist violently in the air, and preach to the unconverted. So what’s the problem? People are getting naked. Now it’s teenagers. I’ve always maintained that each generation gets progressively worse so the decadent condition of our people is to be expected. You’ll have to understand I come from the perspective of a born-again Christian with a functional brain (I hate sheeple), so my perspective will have a spiritual and practical undertone.

Mass-media has played a significant role in deteriorating the moral fabric of the world, resulting in lowered standards, lack of respect, and a general disdain for the liberating principalities of Christianity.

Children can now, more than before, do [whatever they want] without concern for being held accountable to their parents, teachers, or anyone else. Those who came before them had relaxed standards and were not penalized for their illicit behavior so they were [generally] in no position to reprimand the generation that came next. The cycle continues.

The music, athletes, food, media consumption, clothing, relentless pursuit of the almighty green God, and lifestyle choices have led to a paralyzed adult population that tends to be abdicratic when it comes to disciplining their children, so much that they’re afraid to tell their daughter to, “cover your behind.”

Self-respect has gone the way of the dodo. Why else would a child display her body and underwear to the general population? This blatant attempt at physical attention shows a deficiency in self-respect. Why don’t they impress their potential suitors with their intelligence, grace, poise, and Christian values? Because they can’t. They don’t have it…yet. Little sisters, listen: your hips, curves, and dimples do not make you a woman of worth. Your heart does. Little brothers, take note: her smile and kisses do not equate to love.

I believe we need to seize the time and go through a productive rite of passage, even as adults. We have to mature and transition to responsible adulthood and take responsibility for the future. Our collective future is at stake. We have to learn what love is (and how it is not equated to hot sex, designer clothing, appearances, and the perceived safety of wealth), what responsibility is (everything from “manning up” and being a father to the child that you created when you were physically or psychologically a boy, becoming a woman of God and treating your body as the temple that it is, not making it available for cheap inputs and localized branding by the alpha males on the block, and giving our bodies the necessary attention for a healthy lifestyle), and how our actions and choices determine where we will spend eternity. That’s right: there is a heaven and a hell. You will exist in one or the other.

I call upon all responsible adults to take up your swords and shields. Defend your children and those in your sphere of influence. Show them what a real man and woman can do so they will learn by example and continue the noble tradition of creating a proud people who have a beautiful future ahead of them.