Sabbath Worship June 29, 2012

by Sanctified Brother

Sabbath celebrations in the summer are a mixed blessing. On the one hand you get to participate in what you would ordinarily do six days per week as long as possible, sometimes up to 9PM. Sabbath begins so late that you go to bed shortly after. On the other hand, you don’t end Sabbath until the same time the following night. It seems unfair, in a selfish way…

The sun set at 8:30 tonight and we ate dinner right after. We had spaghetti with vegan bolognese sauce and a side salad. It’s difficult to eat much during the celebration when it’s as hot as it was today. 90-some-odd degrees of punishing New York City heat reminds me of the sweltering summers black people endured in the south picking cotton and lifting their eyes toward heaven, waiting for relief on all fronts. I don’t like it.

Nevertheless, I’m happy to be alive and able to enjoy the creature comforts of the thriving metropolis, so I give thanks and ask the Lord to bless the less fortunate who can’t enjoy the same liberties I do.

Tonight’s worship was brief: we read a few paragraphs on choosing a life partner in The Adventist Home. The children follow along and offer very constructive commentary. This proves to me that they can follow along with advanced counsel and exchange with the adults. That’s great.

Wrap Up
Showers and bed. The heat was thick and imposing so everyone took a shower and retired for the night. Has the heat ever made you feel drained? That’s what it’s like now: no energy, no effort. Tomorrow’s another day so I’ll see what kind of blessing I can be to somebody…