Jesus and the Bent-Over Woman

by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

There was a sister in the Bible that had 18 years of punishing pain that caused her weakened body to be bent over, twisted and contorted in discomfort. She happened to be on the scene when Jesus was in church preaching his heart out and that coincidental meeting changed her life forever.

Folks would always come out in droves when Jesus was around because they knew there was no other action in town when He showed up. They would flock to his appearances like people do for today’s pop stars, except they’d leave with something of value instead of temporary tinnitus and dashed dreams of seeing their pop star idol up close before he was whisked away to do something more important than mug with an unimportant fan(atic).

Our hero Jesus is different. He’s concerned with our issues and does what’s necessary to fix things up for us, just like he did with the crippled sister in the story. Jesus stopped preaching His sermon when He saw her and called her out (I know she must have been embarrassed. I’ve seen sisters get called out and their hair wasn’t done, teeth weren’t in, body was out of shape, etc. It’s not the most enviable position to be in.). He told her that she was immediately free from what was bending her over, placed His healing hands on her, then she straightened up and praised God.

What’s bending you over? What’s weighing you down and handicapping you for so long?

Jesus notices the bruised ones. The single mother. The single father. The crippled. The less fortunate. The unemployed. The crackhead. The prostitute. You. Me. Jesus sees what’s troubling us. He calls us today and offers healing and freedom from what’s bending us over. He can do it.

Read this: Luke 13:10-17