Communion Today

by Sanctified Brother

I’m looking forward to the sacred ceremony of communion today. It’s an important ceremony because you get a mini-baptism and get freed from the accumulation of dirt you’ve gotten on yourself over the last little while.

Secretly, I’m really looking forward to the bread and grape juice. I always look for the biggest piece of bread and the “cup” with the most juice in it. We get plastic thimbles with a sip of juice in it while the disciples drank from a real cup. I bet they walked away from the table full, rubbing their stomachs and laughing in delight.

We church folks, on the other hand, walk away with our tastebuds on overdrive because of the sweet concord grape juice and tiny fragments of crackers. We can’t get another bite to eat until lunch time so my stomach will be making noises during the sermon. I think I’ll pack a snack and dip out when the coast is clear…