The True Motive in Service

by Sanctified Brother

(Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting Synopsis)

Why did you do it? Really. What was the reason for you doing what you did? Whatever it was: why? Someone benefitted from your actions and it’s good to know why you did it.

Did you:

  • Loan that sister money when you knew she didn’t have a job?
  • Take that young brother under your wing to teach him accounting?
  • Let that noisy family stay in your rental for half the going rate?
  • Donate $100,000 to the church’s building fund under your construction company’s name?

We have many reasons to do whatever we do, some are noble and some ignoble. I’ve seen some do simply for the love of being benevolent, while some do just so they can ultimately be malevolent. It’s one thing to help pay the sister’s rent, it’s another thing to demand her panties as a receipt. It’s nice to  donate money to the church and it’s deceptive to do it in hopes of securing a contract.

Make it your duty to help from the kindness of your heart, not for what you can get in return. That’s the Christian way to do it.

Read this: Matthew 6:2