My Boy’s Home

by Sanctified Brother

My little boy came back late from an all-day school trip so I had to stay at home, like a good father, to wait for him. I wanted to make sure he had a big hug, hot shower, and a hot meal when he arrived. Little black boys have to be trained to know that their parents will be at home awaiting their safe arrival. These little princes have extreme value and they are missed when they’re not around.

Too many little boys of color are neglected and left to fend for themselves. They come from wherever and go with neither salutation nor acknowledgment. They have to discover love and affirmation from someone or something that is not suited to teach them these important concepts. How pitiful.

My role, duty, and love as a father demands that I be as active and present in my children’s lives as the air they breathe. They need me as a role model so they know what to expect when they grow up.

You should have seen how refreshed and thankful my little boy was after he showered and ate. I let him relax for a little while so he could absorb what was done for him, then I took off to attend prayer meeting. He’ll be a man one day. He’s going to be well prepared to be a husband and father, too.