JC Penney Ruined Father’s Day

by Sanctified Brother

JC Penney is pushing the homosexual agenda this Father’s Day with a promotion that prominently features a gay couple with their children. More folks exposed to same-sex relationships means more folks who’ll eventually say, “So? What’s wrong with that?” Lots. There’s lots wrong with that.

It’s the exposure.

Brothers, how many of us no longer have a problem wearing pink? Yeah. Or earrings? Or carrying the dreaded murse? We’ve been exposed to homosexuality in so calculated a manner through the media and our so-called heroes that we can’t make informed, moral, or ethical decisions anymore without questioning God’s absolute authority on the matter. Some brothers are even getting their nails done for church. Not me. I still belong to The Fraternal Order of Testosterone. Reach deep into your pockets, brother. Feel around and see if you have something to grab onto. Yeah? You’re a man. Act like one.

How about JC Penney running ads of brothers who are committed to their one wife and their children, holding down a good job, being a role model in the community, and living an upright life? Do you think these invisible brothers would get the sudden airplay the gay fathers are getting and have the public become enamored with them? I sincerely doubt it.

Read this: Psalms 101:3-4