The Stockholm Syndrome

by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

This was a great day to sit in church for spiritual feeding because the sermon was served up hot, thick, and juicy (I expect someone to chime in, “the way I like my women.” Indulge yourself, if but for a moment of adolescent glee). The pastor shared an interesting perspective on how your peers and decision-making can set you up for a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome, in a nutshell, is a psychological response in which the hostage shows signs of attachment to the hostage taker, irrespective of the danger they face. They side with the hostage taker and often absolve them of guilt. Efforts by armed rescuers to free the hostages are frustrated because the hostages, who know the danger they face, refuse to cooperate.

This relates to us on a domestic level. You usually find this with sheeple, abused children, and battered women. That’s why some sisters just can’t muster up the umph to leave that man that keeps going upside her head, day in and day out (“but he loooves me!”).

Our world is being held hostage by Satan. He is our enemy and we know he means to harm us. God sends out a celestial army to save us and we disrespect the rescuers, taking Satan’s side instead. That’s one reason why we need to have an army of strong peers around us who will hold us accountable and encourage us to make positive decisions, not impulsive reactions that serve us no earthly good. A good friend will grab you by the collars and shake some sense into you. I would, if I were your friend. Now, stop letting Satan keep you away from God. Real talk.

Read this: Joshua 24:15