Police Shoot and Kill Woman after Car Chase

by Sanctified Brother

Police Shoot and Kill Woman after Car Chase

“This appears to be a very questionable shooting,” said Assemblyman Nick Perry of Brooklyn. “I am demanding that we have a quick, thorough investigation.” — NY1.com

“He has his gun out with one hand, attempting with the other hand to shift the car into park,” Mr. Browne said. “She puts it into reverse and guns it, and a single round is discharged, hitting the woman in the chest.”

It was unknown if the discharge was accidental or intentional.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene.

“They shot her and pulled her out of the car. Then she started screaming,” said Ayanna Blackman, 38, who watched from her apartment on the same corner.

Witnesses said the woman was covered in blood when she was pulled from the car. — Wall Street Journal